Dr Rean Theron


“I have a firm passion and commitment to providing enjoyable and respectful dental treatment. I have exceptional fun performing my job and duties as a dentist, and as such, I strife to provide fun and enjoyable dental experiences for my patients.”

Rean pursued a career in dentistry due to his interests in the medical field. He has a keen interest in the medical part of dentistry and has done his ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) as a result of such interests. Amongst other courses that he has done, he is also certified to administer and perform Conscious Nitrous Oxide Sedation, as well as administer Botox® & fillers for facial aesthetics.

He is a compassionate and caring dentist and feels a responsibility to serve his community. He has, along with his wife and associate dentist, Dr Tsai, reached out to less-fortunate schools to deliver oral health awareness talks. Due to his soft and optimistic nature, children respond positively to his treatments.

Rean has a natural skill for surgical procedures such as difficult extractions of wisdom teeth. He has performed numerous surgical extractions of such teeth and has received positive feedback for his treatments.

Ethics and community dentistry are important interests that he possess and wishes to further pursue in his future, and for this reason he will always without a doubt treat all his patients with ethical value and respect.

Rean qualified from the University of Witwatersrand with his dental degree where he is grateful for his knowledge and skills gained.

Outside of the dental practice, he is a keen fitness enthusiast and enjoys outdoor activities such as running, cycling and swimming. He believes the presence of fresh air and nature is beneficial to one’s well-being. At home, he cherishes time spent with his wife, as well as his 2 dogs and 2 cats as he is an animal-lover. He also enjoys gardening as a therapeutic and leisure activity.

Rean believes in holistic dental treatments and is a firm believer of providing not only dental treatments but also advice and guidance in overall health and well-being.

Dr Leona (Chen-Jung) Tsai


“I believe in constant learning and expanding my knowledge as a dentist every day. I will be a better dentist tomorrow than I am today as I believe this is the only way I may provide my patients with better treatments year after year. I do not wish to be the best as I believe there is no threshold for knowledge and dental treatment, therefore I will always pursue to be better.”

Leona’s keen interest in dentistry started from a very young age of 11 where she was inspired by her family dentist and orthodontist. Long before her studies in dentistry commenced, she shadowed and watched her local dentists before she graduated from high school.

Her passion for aesthetic dentistry emerged soon after she started studying dentistry as she discovered that dentistry was not only a form of medical treatment provided to patients, but also a fine art. She graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, where she was fortunate enough to learn her CADCAM dentistry skills and knowledges, as no other universities offered that as part of their dental graduate programme at the time.

She is a firm believer in expanding her knowledge constantly and has attended multiple courses. She is certified to administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to patients as well as Botox® & fillers for aesthetic purposes.

Her spark in paediatric dentistry came about when she came to the realization that she had a natural connection and ability to calm and connect with young and nervous patients.

She currently works in multiple practices including Fourways, Arcadia as well as Pretoria North.

Aside from her love for dentistry, she is also sculpted by her love of culture and lust for travel. And because of this reason she is multilingual, being fluent in English, Afrikaans and Mandarin. She is currently revising her French and Zulu too, as she hopes to be able to communicate with her patients in their preferred languages.